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Pinning a Cozy Winter Retreat

Inspiration from Pinterest40 - Lionbrand sq

Now that the temperature has dropped and snow is falling, we’ve been inspired to make a cozy winter retreat to stay warm until spring returns, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later. Come on, Punxsutawney Phil!

We turned to Pinterest to find some inspiration for what we consider the key elements for making a room warm, cozy and inviting for you and your guests this winter.

 Blankets & Pillows – We love a good chunky cable knit blanket. Doesn’t this one just scream snuggle time? Or perhaps a colorful, thick fleece blank is more your style. And as far as we’re concerned, the more pillows the better. Oversized floor pillows make great extra seating that’s comfy and functional. No matter what your blanket and pillow preferences may be, they are a key element in making a room cozy.  Image via LionBrand.com. cinnamon scent



Scents – The smell of a wood-burning fire is always inviting in the middle of winter. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a fireplace, try burning vanilla candle or simmering some cinnamon in oil on the stove to add a welcoming scent. Image via Make-Haus.com. gaden lights







Lighting – To create mood lighting, candles, a light fireplace and/or Christmas lights help to create the perfect light for entertaining or a movie night. White Christmas lights can be used in so many ways to help create mood lighting. Try filling lanterns or wrapping garland with them. Image via Gardenista.com

textured rugs



Rugs – Adding a textured rug helps create a layer of warmth (both literally and style wise). It also creates a comfortable place for guests to sit if there isn’t enough seating. Image via Curbly.com


We’ve created a Pinterest board that highlight these decorating ideas.

What are your key elements for creating a cozy winter retreat? Follow our Pinterest boards and share your ideas with us there.

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