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Sexy Recipes to Spice up the Night!

Let’s talk about food, sex and sleep

Sexy foods to spice up the nightFor as long as humans have been having sex, getting in the mood has been an important first step – and one that often starts with a good night’s sleep. We’re not kidding. According to WebMD.com, “Lack of sleep can lead to lack of energy, fatigue and sleepiness which may affect libido and/or decrease interest in sex.” Once you’ve got your sleep on track, food is your next step.

Dating back hundreds of years, ancient India, the Romans and especially the Greeks created remedies to awaken sexual desire between partners. The Greeks created a folklore of foods from the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, to help increase sexual desire.

Time to turn on the stove, light the candles and turn on some Luther Vandross with these 10 foods that will get anyone in the mood for some heart to heart activity.

10 aphrodisiacs proven to heat up the romance on Valentine’s Day

It’s no secret that your biggest sex organ is the one between your ears. Time to dig through the kitchen and illuminate the nose and taste buds with desire.honey - sexy foods

  • Cinnamon – Eating cinnamon heats up your body and your sex drive. Sprinkle atop a warm glass of almond milk for a sweet start to your evening.
  • Oysters – One of the most notorious aphrodisiacs, oysters, are high in zinc and have a reputation for fertility and love. The texture is quite sensual too. Try these sexy oyster recipes from FoodRepublic.com.
  • Honey – Organic honey supports testosterone and estrogen production, important for both males and females. Use honey to sweeten tea and purchase organic if possible. Make a honey dipping sauce for chicken or add to an ice cream dessert.
  • Figs – Greeks thought figs were more precious than gold and legend has it eating a fresh fig in front of a woman is one of the world’s most erotic act. Use in a smoothie with pomegranate.
  • Chili peppers – With the power to raise body temperature and swell lips to a kissable plump, chili powder is a perfect attribute to get you in the mood. To heighten the heat, cook with the veins left in. Add to a crock-pot chili to spice up your evening.
  • Beets – Known as a natural Viagra, the beet increases blood flow. It’s sweet taste, low calories and high fiber makes this the perfect Valentine’s treat. Make a sweet beet and goat cheese sandwich.
  • Steak – Carnivore’s rejoice! Steak is both a man’s best friend and the way to a woman’s heart. High protein that will increase the heart rate and make for a long evening paired with red wine. Try this wasabi strip steak recipe from TheKitchn.
  • Avocados – A rich source of vitamin E, aiding the body in producing testosterone and estrogen, these hormones circulate in the bloodstream and improve sexual responses. Add to a salad or eat alone.
  • Garlic – May not make your breath smell great but allicin (which is responsible for garlic’s savory odor) increases blood flow. This cooking spice is said to improve stamina and sexual energy. Add to a stir-fry and get your soy on.
  • Chocolate – Latin for, food of the God’s, chocolate has an old reputation of being an aphrodisiac. Chocolate contains, phenylethylamine, which stimulates the hormone your body produces during a romantic encounter. This sweet treat can leave you woozy and melt in your partner’s arms. Opt out of the typical box of chocolate and make homemade fudge with Mr.Food.com.

Let’s get it on – our sleep and the other S thing we do in bed…

Having a satisfied stomach and healthy love life is crucial for a good night’s sleep and sacrificing your sleep can kill your sex drive and make you less appreciative of your partner. Sticking to a sleep routine will allow you to feel sexy, full and well-rested – it’s part of the human experience, and contributes to feeling sexy, attractive and confident.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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